Adir BEC

  • $9900

Adir BEC. A convenient integrated BEC module designed for stacking above CP/CPHV, providing battery-level power filtering, a soft power switch and dual high-current BECs.

Very useful for providing power to your RX, camera and VTX all on one clean, stackable solution with a single system power switch!

Please note that due to the presence of a 12v regulator, the Adir requires a minimum of 4S battery.



  • 4S-12S operation (14.8v-50v)
  • Inrush current limiting + Active Overvoltage clamping 
  • 5V, 3A BEC 
  • 12V, 3A BEC 
  • Surge protected battery-level output
  • Soft power switch for the entire system
  • Reverse polarity protection



  • 3x 5V ports
  • 3x 12V ports
  • 1x Battery level port (up to 15A discharge)


  • Outer dimensions: 63.5x63.5 (mm)
  • Mounting holes: 4 holes, 45x45 (mm) spacing, M3 bores

In the box:

1x Adir BEC

1x Adir mounting hardware